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Melbourne, Arkansas


Our Pharmacy:

Corner Drug Store is a locally-owned pharmacy serving the needs of people in Melbourne and greater Izard County.

Our top priority is ensuring that our patients receive the very best in pharmacy care.


We offer prescription medications, medical equipment, over-the-counter medicines, and health aids.


For your convenience, we have a drive-through window and free delivery.


We accept most prescription insurance, including Medicare Part D, Arkansas Medicaid, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.


Let us show you why we are the best pharmacy around.



Our Pharmacy Staff:

  • Lisa Gardner, PharmD:  Pharmacist, Owner
  • Shane Gardner, RN:  Owner
  • Lesley Sanders, PharmD:  Pharmacist
  • Kerri Smith:  Pharmacy Technician
  • Theresa Barnes:  Pharmacy Technician
  • Stacey Wheeler:  Pharmacy Technician
  • Nicole Vines:  Pharmacy Technician
  • Dylan Smith:  Cashier
  • Tracey Hellums:  Cashier
  • Amanda Tanner:  Cashier
  • Chris Mosley:  Cashier

Notice of Privacy Practices




We are happy to deliver your prescription medications to you at home, work, or anywhere in the Melbourne local area.

  • We begin deliveries around 2:00 PM on weekdays and 10:30 AM on Saturdays.  In order to have our deliveries completed by closing time, we have a cutoff time for delivery requests.  Delivery requests received after we have begun delivery service will be scheduled for the next day.  (Keep in mind, this also includes refill authorizations and new prescriptions received from your prescriber's office late in the day.)
  • In order to satisfy Board of Pharmacy and insurance regulations, we must give your medicines to a real person, so be sure someone is present and able to sign for your delivery.
  • We can also bring OTC and sundry merchandise from our store along with your medicines.





We can synchronize most of your routine prescription refills so that they can be refilled on the same day every month.  This means fewer trips to the pharmacy for you.  You also have the assurance that your refills will be taken care of in advance.



Do your kids hate the taste of medicines?  We have an answer for that!  FlavoRx medication flavoring is available upon request for only $2.99 per prescription.



Got a smartphone?  You can use it (or your old-school desktop or laptop computer) to look at your refill history, check which prescriptions have refills, and order refills.....  Any time, day or night!  Follow the link below to the Online Refills and Profiles page to sign up and for a link to the app.


PHONE:  870-368-7171

FAX:  870-368-5295




(Since email is not a secure, HIPAA-compliant form of communication please use email for general questions only.  If you have specific questions about your or a family member's prescription, call and speak directly with a staff member.)


Weekdays 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Saturdays 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

We are located on Highway 69 in Melbourne,

across the street from Freedom Ford,

between Truck Country and Jordan's Quick Stop.




830 E Main St

PO Box 1370

Melbourne, AR  72556